Who Are Ascended Masters

 Who are Ascended Masters

Within the realms of spirituality, you will often come across the term, ascended masters, in this article I explain what ascended masters are, and how they help you.
Before we get into the description, I just want to point out this 1 thing, the term ascended masters can seem imposing, especially to people who are new to spirituality. If you feel a little put off by the phrase, don't worry, I'll show you what it's all about. So let us see who are ascended masters...

Who are ascended masters?

I can't be 100% sure if my angel is an ascended master, but I think she is, and she is someone I knew here on earth long before I understood anything about spirituality.
She was a beautiful human who brought love and light into any room, into any life. 
You didn't have to be aware or awakened to spirituality to know without any doubt she was special. I tell you, she didn't walk...I'm sure she glided just like an angel. Such a beautiful lady.

Today she is in heaven, or as she is French "Paradis" and she comes to me daily giving me love, support, direction, and energy. 

An ascended master is a soul who has walked this earth and made significant contributions, changes or understandings. See it as a grading system at school, you reach a certain level and you move up a grade.  Does that answer your question of who are ascended masters? There are many websites with a deeper sense of spiritual talk, I just want to give it as I see and feel it.

What do ascended masters do?

They help us.
With my angel, she is very powerful, many of my spiritual friends have felt her and some souls in heaven have access to skills others don't. So for me ascended masters have these extra skills where their guidance becomes more obvious to those on earth who are awakened. 

You may ask them questions, and your answers may appear in your heart, in your self-talk, as signs or things might just come your way.

I hope you have enjoyed my explanation; I know my angel was helping me as I wrote this.
You can find more about what I do at https://goingbeyondtheillusion.com/ 

Love and light to you


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