What are angel numbers

What are angel numbers?

Many people are asking about angel numbers, and in this article we will uncover a few truths about what they mean to you and why they appear.

Angel numbers come from our guardian angels.

We live on this earth to experience human life, we are here to discover and enjoy pretty much whatever we like and we take all of this information with us once we pass into the light. We are all very special and have a unique point of view, but we are not more special than anyone else. 
However, our guardian angels will try to advise us and they can do that by using angel numbers.

Where can you see angel numbers?

Literally, anywhere! 
It could be meaningful numbers to you, such as your birthday, and you see this number over and over. For example my birthday is January 22. I don't always see this number but for about 6 months I have been going for walks along a road and that number was always on the road, however, I have only just started noticing it. 

It was about 2 weeks ago when I was talking to my angel and my eyes darted to a house number, 122. The moment in my conversation was very precise when I saw 122, and the fact it resonated with my birthday, well I just knew it was a message for me. 

But... I didn't look into the number.
The following day I am back on the same road, my experience of the previous day wasn't forgotten but it wasn't in my mind and sure enough, without any thinking, my eyes were drawn to the number. I didn't look where I was on the road, I wasn't looking for the house, I couldn't have even described the house to you anyway, and there was number 122.

How do you understand the messages within the angel numbers?

It's a great question to ask, we have created a page that gives you a lot more detail and we write about specific angel numbers for your reference. You can find it here. https://goingbeyondtheillusion.com/angel-numbers/

Can angel numbers hurt you?

No. Not at all. But you do not have to follow them. 
You have your own life and they are here purely as a guide, they are not an instruction manual.

Can I ask for more angel numbers?

Yes, you can.
Just ask your angels.
And be specific if you can with your request.
But don't just take the first number that you see.

Angel numbers can come to you in various ways, even in dreams. Let them just come.


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